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Message from Secretary

Prof. Basavaraja Ramanal M.Sc.


Dear Students,

The future of our country depends on the students. You are in a process of making a very important decision. Every student has a hidden talent. As you stand on the threshold of making a decision on your career. We welcome you to take a look at the options that KARNATAKA PUBLIC SCHOOL offers to students like you. Education is the most important tool, which you canuse to change the world, we treat each student as an

individual, person with their own dreams & ambitions. In this way we help you make the most of your our institution is not just a campus that offers quality education importantly, but it’s about making achievements possible.welcome you to our institution & assure you of our best support to help you realize you career objectives.

With best wishes.

Prof. Basavaraja Ramanal M.Sc.


Message from Principal
Mrs Manjit Kaur

The objective of any good Educational System is to produce good citizens for the country. The environment in which the child grows helps in a long way in the development of students.

I am glad to state that Karnataka Public School in a short span of time has tried to provide the evironment where the overall growth of the students can be achieved. Its our endeavour to shape a student with a view of emerging challenges one has to face in future but at the same time a peace and nature loving individual remains our prime motive.

The school is continuously being recognized as one of the leading schools in the vicinity. The school is bessed with a dedecated and devoted team of teachers, who have with their sincere efforts given the school a continuous and progressive growth in the field of academics as well as sports.

I hope with the sincere efforts of teachers, management and the cooperation of the guardians; Karnataka Public School will be able to live upto the expexctations of all those who value education and moral ethics in human beings. And lastly to quote Thomas Arnold, "What we look for her is, first religious and moral principles; secondly, gentlemanly conduct; thirdly intellectual ability."

Thank you

Mrs Manjit Kaur

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