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Core Aspects of Learning

Quality Teaching

Holistic approach in teaching, Loving & caring atmosphere, Smart classes, Clear, timely assessment and support.

Physical Education

Nurturing physical, social and emotional health and Developing children’s etiquette.


Opportunities to show mastery in varied ways, Foundational courses for entrance exams along with regular curriculum.

Extended Learning

Computer Lab

Our school boasts of computer labs where networked computers, with internet facility, are provided to meet the challenges of modern education system.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematic lab provides the students to learn mathematical concept with less stress.

Science Lab

Science lab is well equipped with latest facility ensuring safety to the students. Dedicated team of teachers ensure that our students make the most of it.

Art Room

It is here that the intermingling of colours add fun with tiny as well as experienced hands. It is here that the student’s true artistic potential is churned out.

Social Science Lab

Ikyatha our social science lab takes you to mesmersing journey of all civilizations adorned with paintings and monuments.

Library & Smart Class

Library has vast collections mainly compromised of reference books, fictions, periodicals and also audio visual material.

Our Academics


To teach the languages and core subjects we practice the following methods

  • Hands-On Approach
  • Conference Learning.
  • The Play Method.
  • Activity Method
  • Team building activities etc.,

Grade I to Grade VIII

NCERT Text books and other private publications to reach the curriculum framed by CBSE.

  • Demonstrating method, discussion method, debriefing, activity Classroom action research with audio visual aids such as smart boards.
  • Classroom interaction among peers, students and teachers through activities such as role-play, debate, group work etc., to develop communication silks in languages.
  • Subject enrichment by various activities, projects and work sheets etc.,

High school - IX and X

A remodelled scheme of examination for class X has been put in place with effect from the Academic Session 2017-18. The following domains will be nurtured continuously and constantly

  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Application
  • Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Creating, Evaluation

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